Angular Unit Testing Tricks and Tips

Learn how to successfully unit test your Angular 2 apps and avoid the pitfalls when writing unit tests.

£320 + VAT

19 May
Avonmouth House, London (map)

In this workshop we will cover how to successfully unit test your Angular 2 apps. We will look at common testing tasks and how to avoid the pitfalls when writing unit tests.

Topics covered

You will learn how to:

  • use the Angular 2 test helpers such as the TestBed
  • create effective unit tests for Services, Pipes, Directives and Components
  • write tests that handle asynchronous code
  • use best practices for tests that involve Dependency Injection, Observables, Routing, Lifecycle Hooks
  • keep your tests maintainable so that they can be worked on by other developers months and years later


This workshop is suitable for developers who:

  • have a basic understanding of Angular 2
  • are looking to start or improve their unit testing


You will need:

  • your own laptop - you will be hands-on building and testing code
  • a basic understanding of Angular 2 - the course does not teach Angular 2 from scratch
  • a desire to make the world a better place (through testing)

Please note that this course will not cover writing end to end tests with Protractor.

Training venue

This workshop will take place at Avonmouth House – a purpose-built training venue located between Borough and Elephant & Castle in London. We offer dedicated WiFi and provide breakfast on arrival, drinks and snacks throughout the day, plus a sit-down hot lunch.

See venue on the map

Course tutor

Pete Bacon Darwin

Pete is a core member of the Angular team. He has the led development of Angular 1 since the end of 2014, releasing Angular versions 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6. He has written a book on AngularJS, gives talks and workshops on Angular and is a co-organiser of AngularConnect.

Pete Bacon Darwin

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